Study: Which Netflix Countries Get the Best Movies First?

American Netflix subscribers often get the short end of the stick when it comes to watching new movies on Netflix - and sometimes we miss...
Plex library raspberry pi

The Top 5 Most Essential Apps for Cord-Cutters

Ready to cut the cord? With the 5 apps listed below, you can enjoy a variety of video content, save money and access your...

Is Kodi legal, or illegal to use? Is Kodi safe to...

Kodi media player has become the go-to application for people who like to watch streaming video on the web.  Some Kodi App even allow...
Kodi TV box fully loaded kodi box

Is it Legal to Buy a Fully Loaded Kodi Box? Kodi...

If you're looking into getting started with, you may wonder if its legal to buy a fully loaded Kodi box. We answer the biggest Kodi legal questions here.
kodi history

A Brief History of Kodi: Key Moments in the XBMC/Kodi History

After more than 14 years, Kodi (formerly XBMC) has more than proven its staying power. First launching as little more than source code for...
kodi piracy

P2P Kodi App – 2017 Updates for Kodi Users

Comcast's copyright infringement notices caused a stir within the Kodi community. Despite a die down, they are still happening -- but with a twist.

TVAddons Website Goes Live Briefly, Amidst Stiff Community Skepticism

A TVAddons domain suddenly went online on July 29, sparking serious debate in the Kodi community as to whether the site was legitimate or a "honeypot".

Exodus Support Officially Dropped, According to Developer COLDFIRE

Developer COLDFIRE, who picked up Exodus Kodi addon development after Smash and TVAddons, has officially dropped support for the addon.

TVAddons to Return Amid Dramatic Policy Changes

TVAddons and their popular Fusion repository went down. However, new information shows that the site will likely be back - but with a different focus.

Amid Google’s YouTube TV Announcement Comes Excitement—and Questions

YouTube TV is on its way here! What will this mean for cord cutters and for Kodi users? Google's left the community with excitement—and questions.


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